What We Believe

BELLA FIGURA® derives its aesthetic from the ideals of beauty of the European upper-class: grace, class, and confidence. We believe that individuals are at their best, both physically and personally when they are confident and comfortable within their own bodies.

Health Care Services - Bella Figura

Australian Ingenuity

Australia has produced 16 Nobel Laureates, where most Laureates have been awarded in the fields of medical physics and biochemistry. Ground breaking discoveries such as the discovery of penicillin's applications, immunological tolerance, the effects of helicobacter pylori, and more. As such, BELLA FIGURA is proud to continue the Australian tradition of innovation and we reflect this through our application of the best and latest treatments and our use of the most cutting-edge technology. 

What We Do

In recent years, the Australian pharmaceutical industry has achieved many milestones including: new treatments for children with leukemia, arthritis, vaccines, artificial skin, 3D video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, and an overall increased cancer cure rate (up to 80%).

BELLA FIGURA WELLNESS harnesses the power of Australia's latest R&D (anti-cancer & anti-aging treatments, sports & exercise nutrition, dermatology & trauma recovery, etc.) as developed by Australian educational and medical institutions such as the Sydney Royal North Shore Hospital, Queensland University, Royal Melbourne Hospital, University of Sydney, Bond University, and the Royal Perth Hospital.

BELLA FIGURA WELLNESS has obtained certifications from a variety of relevant authorities and organisations including the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Certification, International Good Manufacturing Price (GMP) Certification and the Australian Laboratory Testing Certification. We also have a freehold property that is Australia's largest (3.3 ha) world-class mountain resort, which serves as a private healthcare club. The club covers five major areas including the Dermatology Centre, Technological Anti-aging Centre, Medical Skincare Centre, Hair & Dental Care Centre, and the Phototherapy Centre.

Health Care Services - Bella Figura
Health Care Services - Bella Figura

Our Future

BELLA FIGURA®  is dedicated to bringing you the latest breakthroughs in beauty treatments and technologies. Using the power of Australian nature to rewind time. Let Bella Figura help you feel confident in your future.

Selfcare, beauty, and vitality.

To rewind time with the power of Australian nature.

Let Bella Figura transform your healthcare routine and life.